Etty Feller
General Manager – ISRAC-Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority
ILAC Chair

My professional experience: M.Sc. degree in Biochemistry and a Business Administration with a
major in management. Over the years I have worked in pharmaceutical companies in roles including
Quality Control, Development of portfolio, Filing for FDA registration and clinical trial of
approximately 300 patients as a VP QA.
In 2000 I joined the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority (ISRAC) as Head of Environmental,
Health Foods Division for 4 years. And then, the Key Clients Division for another 4 years. I have
done hundreds of assessments as a Technical and Lead Assessor and was nominated as the head of the
accreditation decision committee. I am a GLP Inspector and was trained and performed evaluations as
regional, IAAC, Evaluator.
Over the years, I initiated the medical laboratory accreditation dev. reference material and proficiency
testing accreditation and GLP in accordance with the OECD principles for ISRAC. At the international
level, I began in 2004 with the active participation in several professional committees.
In March 2011 I was nominated as ISRAC CEO. During the last 8+ years, I have conducted numerous
activities to promote the advancement of accreditation in Israel in several law/acts that now include the
recognition of ISRAC and ILAC member’s accreditation, in the field of agriculture, natural gas,
environment and more and international agreements. During 2013-2016 for three years I was ILAC
AMC Chair and in 2016-2018 as ILAC Vice-Chair. Participate in various international meetings
including ISO, OECD, IEC and responsible for ILAC Strategic plan. My mission is
” To promote Accreditation by qualified and competent organizations in a harmonized way for the
benefit of the world “